Animal Children’s Books

The Animal Sing-Along Series is a collection of hilarious and best-selling animal children’s books. Written for toddlers, preschoolers, and early readers, they can be read or sung to the melodies of some of the biggest songs of the last 20 years and beyond.

Each book in the series is performed by a different animal (or insect), all of whom have their own unique and humorous issue to overcome. Not only are the Animal Sing-Along Series books hilarious and fun to sing but they also help children develop and enhance their language, memory, and comprehension skills.

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What readers are saying…

My three-year-old just made me read/sing it four times in a row.

Scott W., Amazon 5-star reviewer

Our daughter really loves this as a nighttime read. So much so that she asked if she could sleep with it!

Kurt H., Amazon 5-star reviewer

Love! Love! Love! Such a fun book. Beautiful illustration. My daughter loves it!

Amazon 5-star reviewer

I don’t know what is better…watching a 40-something daddy try to sing a story to Beyonce or the loveable illustrations. Our whole family enjoys the Sullivan writing team books. My sons randomly start singing the lyrics too! 

Dorothy J., Amazon 5-star reviewer

I think I might like this version even better than “Single Ladies!”

This is sure to get the kids giggling and the illustrations are all frame-worthy! This is adorable!

Ashley S., Amazon 5-star reviewer

Available animal children’s books

When a puppy tells you they gotta go—it’s best to listen!

Stinky Puppies tells the story of Penelope, a poopylicious puppy whose owner decides to sleep in instead of taking her outside, leading to an odiferous accident. Penelope happily helps her owner clean up and then gets what she wanted all along—a trip to the park with all her puppy pals!

Written to match the melody of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies,” Stinky Puppies uses humor and song to teach kids about the responsibility that comes with having pets.

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It isn’t easy being a honey bee…

Between the on-the-job hazards and the demanding queen bee, you could say it’s anything but the bee’s knees. But not all hope is lost in the honey bee hive. Help a Honey Bee tells the story of a bee with a dream—that science will create the breakthrough (bee-free honey) that will allow him to retire and start living his best life. Of course, to see that day, he must first evade the agitated gardener who doesn’t seem to appreciate his pollinating prowess.

Written to match the melody of Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me,” Help a Honey Bee is the perfect book for fans of Cocomelon and Sandra Boynton, and it will make bedtime a blast for you and your child!

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Not all squirrels round up acorns for the winter…

Nut Free Squirrel tells the story of a little critter whose food allergy prevents him from enjoying the finer things of the forest. Determined to find something he can feast on, he ventures out of the woods and quickly discovers that there are so many other great foods out in the world, including ice cream!

Written to match the melody of Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl,” Nut Free Squirrel uses humor and song to teach children about food allergies and the power of positivity.

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About the author and illustrator

Animal children's books illustrator and writers, Michelle and Matthew Sullivan, and their two rambunctious daughters.

Also known as The Writing Sullivans, Michelle and Matthew Sullivan are a wife-and-husband illustrating and writing team that specializes in bedtime books that are fun for both kids AND parents.

Along with creating fun and funny animal children’s books, Michelle creates art for a wide range of mediums, and Matthew has also published several novels and written for film and television. They live in Scottsdale, AZ with their two rambunctious little girls (see above for their attempt at a family pic).

They are also passionate about giving back and are proud to use a portion of their book sales to support a variety of children’s charities. You can visit the Charities We Love page on their Writing Sullivans website to see some of our favorites.

A note from Michelle

Hi! Thank you so much for checking out our books. We created the Animal Sing-Along Series with the goal of making bedtime more fun, helping kids develop a genuine love of reading, and providing as many great moments between parents and their kids as possible!

After a long day, we know it’s tempting to speed through bedtime routines to get to the promised land–kid-free time! Of course, kids are like mini mind readers and can pick up on that energy. 

That’s why we really focused on making our books fun for kids and, most importantly, fun for parents. You won’t have to worry about bringing your “A-game” with the Animal Sing-Along Series. Each book is written to the melody of a song you already know and love and is a blast to read or perform.

The best part…your kids won’t care if you can’t carry a tune in a bucket. In fact, the more off-key you are, the more you all will laugh. And your kids will learn it’s okay to laugh at themselves, too.

We hope you enjoy reading our books as much as we enjoyed creating them.


Michelle Sullivan